Who Would You Do: True Blood

Let’s be honest, the show is a man candy festival. I don’t know if Charlaine Harris meant for it to result in a drool fest, but it’s happened, and I for one LOVE IT! See, if something terrible happened to my tv and the sound broke, I could still enjoy the show because of all the shirtless men running around. Lucky for me, the writing’s great and my tv sound works. It’s a total TV trifecta.

SO…Who ‘s your V? I’m an alcide girl. No question!

1. Bill Compton

2. Eric Northman

3. Alcide

4. Jason Stackhouse

5. Sam Merlotte

6. Tara (since she’s been so nice to go bi-curious this season)

2 thoughts on “Who Would You Do: True Blood

  1. Alica says:

    I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed, but Alcide and Eric would be my first picks.

  2. Joy Daniels says:

    is there any question? Eric Northman, of course!!!

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