Get it Together Tuesday: Stealing Beauty

Have you seen Stealing Beauty? The movie with Liv Tyler spending the summer¬†at an Italian artist villa. I watched it today while I was supposed to be writing. So as to lessen my guilt, I’ll blog about the movie. There is so much fodder for a romance writer or reader in the movie.

There is Lucy, (Liz T) a 19 year old virgin in love with love, her summer hosts, a long married couple, another highly sexed couple, in which he’s married and she’s the other woman, the town playboy, and his cousin, Lucy’s eventual love interest. The movie mostly follows Lucy while zooming in on occasion for glimpses into the other couple’s lives. Lucy is everything a 19 year old should be. Gorgeous, awkward, hesitatingly sexy, brave, and naive.

My love interest during the movie is the setting. The home at which the movie is filmed is eye candy. That’s the only way to describe it. Absolute visual stunning. You can feel the warmth of the ceramic scuplture dotting the landscape and almost taste the water in the pale blue pool. I can only hope to write a scene someday as sensory as the movie.

Have you ever seen a movie that you want to move into? Stealing Beauty is that for me.

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