Thank you to the Romance Writers of the World

Yesterday I went to the kick off event of the Washington Loves Romance online book club. (You should join!) The event took place at a fun bar/restaurant in Arlington, VA. The Amazing Avery Flynn organized the event. We got a great turn out of writers and readers. I know you love when I name drop, so I will. Here you go, get ready to squee at the amount of talent in one room:

Besides Avery Flynn (Who is this month’s book club selection), Rebecca York, Sally MacKenzie, Hope Tarr, Kristen Callihan, Miranda Kenneally, Kathleen Gilles Seidel, Hope Ramsay, Carlene Love Flores, Amanda Brice, Nicky Pentilla, Kimberly Kincaid (whom you don’t know yet, but you will! Go check out her novella coming soon), Michelle Willingham, Alexa Egan and so many more, I know I’m forgetting someone.

I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, Romance writers as a body are supportive and generous with their friendship and experience. Rumor has it all writers organizations are not as fabulous. I count myself lucky to be part of the Washington Romance Writers.

If you were there and I missed you because of the crush of the crowd, comment so I can recognize you!


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