Five days of Geekery: Day 2

Give a warm welcome to my cousin! She’s a bit younger than I am, but now that we’re both grown-ups the 5 year age gap is nothing and I’m thrilled she lives in my town!

1.    Can you give a few sentences about your background- your job, your degrees, a brief history of how you ended up in the industry?

I’m currently a product manager in the educational technology industry.  I love having a social mission career and became passionate about education as a volunteer in a K12 classroom.  I’ve got an Industrial and Operations Engineering Degree from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and an MBA from MIT.

2.    Were you interested in science/technology as a child?

I actually wanted to go to art school, but my parents thought engineering was a safer bet.

 3.    What’s it like being female in the tech/science industry? Any good stories?

There is a lot of opportunity for advancement since companies are always looking for qualified women.  At my first two jobs, women were so scarce that I was often the only one in the room (and the youngest!)  I remember trying to look older so that I would be taken seriously…then I hit 30.

 4.    Favorite famous nerd (fictional or otherwise)

Bill Gates

 5.    Star Trek or Star Wars?

Neither, but at least I’ve seen Star Wars

6.    Do you read/like romance novels?

Only Lynne Silvers!

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