Romanticon 2013

I attended Romanticon, the Ellora’s Cave conference/4 day party this weekend. Due to family events, I only arrived on Saturday night, but it was enough time for me to learn a lot. So in no particular order, here are observations about the event:

1. I am prude. Despite writing hot romance, I have no interest in getting a lapdance from a Caveman. They were adorable, but I best enjoyed them from afar.


2. Tara Nina works her ass off. Every time I saw her, she was carrying, lifting, running, doing.. Go Tara!

3. Jade Black is one loyal CEO. She inspires loyalty and returns it.

4. People besides my mother have read my books. I’ve seen the royalty statements, so conceptually I knew this was true. But it’s an amazing experience having strangers say how much they enjoy your books.

5. Rodney the Caveman became a bazillion times sexier to me when he ran Bingo and made us laugh with his quick witted comebacks. Proving once again, that my libido is in my brain not my eyes. (Not that Rodney’s not darn gorgeous too)


6. Thelmer is….Thelmer. I got to sit next to him at the book signing which added to the fun.

7. I don’t dance nearly as well as I think I do.

8. The key card reader to room 823 of the McKinley Grand needs to be replaced. No my cell phone was NOT next to the key.

9. Grace’s Fallen Angels are as fabulous in person as they are in their books and on the chat loop. (That’s Cassandra Carr & Cara Carnes)


10. Lexi Post can rock a red hat!

11. My editor, Grace Bradley, is gorgeous.

12. Participating in a book signing with actual books is…amazing.



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