5 Reasons to participate in an anthology/Box set

I’ve said it before, this summer is the summer of the box set. Some authors hit some big best seller lists and loads of authors are jumping on the bandwagon hoping to replicate their success. I’m one of them. In fact, I was asked to participate in no less than 3 sets in one week in March. I’m so glad I chose to go with the group I did. Here’s why:

1. You get the network effect. There are 11 authors in my set. If each of us has an average of 200 reader fans, that amplifies my reach times 11.

2. Publishing calendar: Authors can often be stuck with a slow schedule waiting on traditional publishers to do their editing and marketing thing. By participating in an anthology, I will have a book release this summer. Amazon likes prolific authors.

Brought to his knees_flat3. Cost: When I put a book out, I have to pay for editors, cover art, and formatting. With this anthology, I still paid but the costs were seriously lowered.

4. Education: I have my set ways of writing a book, publishing it and marketing it. Participating in an anthology allowed me behind the scenes of 11 authors marketing strategies and process. I learned about newsletters from Tina Donahue, Flash giveaways from Danica Avet, Facebook from AM Griffin, reader relationships from Cynthia D’Alba and so much more from Jennifer Kacey, Felice Fox, Sadye Grace, Amy Ruttan, Sabrina York, and Anya Richards.

5. Connection with my readers. I know I have reader fans, and I’m so happy to connect them with authors they might never have tried before without the option of a 99 cent anthology.

For authors: Have you or would you want to participate in a box set/anthology?

For readers: Do you like all these new sets? Do you feel as if you’re getting a good deal? Have you discovered any great new-to-you authors?

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons to participate in an anthology/Box set

  1. A. M. Griffin says:

    This is the first box-set that I’ve been in and I can honestly say I’d do it again for all the reasons that you mentioned above. It’s a great learning experience and helps to broaden my readership. Thanks for being a part of this!

  2. I love box-sets! As a reader, I love shorter stories! Also, I’ve discovered a ton of great authors in anthologies.

    Congrats on the release of Brought to His Knees!

  3. Tina Donahue says:

    Great post, Lynne! This set rocks! 🙂

  4. It’s been a blast! Glad you picked us rather than the other sets 🙂

  5. Sabrina York says:

    🙂 Lynne! This has been a blast! So fun working with you!

  6. This has been incredible. I’ve learned SOOOOOO much!!!

  7. Lynne Silver says:

    Thank you all for stopping by

  8. Nickolas says:

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  9. Antara says:

    Thank you Lynne for the post. I watched a YouTueb video with C. Gockel and Lindsay Buroker. Now, they write in fantasy, mythology. C. Gockel recommended doing box-sets. I only wonder how this happens? You mentioned you were invited.

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