Washington Loves Readers Luncheon

As you know (or not), I chaired the first ever Washington Loves Reader’s luncheon on October 11, 2014 along with author, Kimberly Kincaid. It basically meant I got to pick the lunch menu and assign seats. {Rubs hands mad with power} 40 authors showed up to wine and dine the readers, and well, when you get authors + romance readers + wine + chocolate cake, you know what happens?

Shenanigans! First off, I was wearing the same dress as author, Delancey Stewart! As  Delancey is taller and thinner than I am, let’s not play the tabloid game of “Who Wore it Best?” photo 234





Kim and I had asked the authors to team up to create the table centerpiece, and everyone did an amazing job! I’d known we were all creative writers, but I hadn’t known we could channel Martha Stewart! Check it out:

photo 7

Readers went home loaded down with books and swag. It was so successful, we’re doing it again next year! So pay attention to my newsletter cause you won’t want to be missing this!photo 5photo 6

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