Desperate Match

If you like Rebecca Zanetti’s military romantic suspense, you’ll love the Coded for Love series by Lynne Silver!

The Program: an organization of elite soldiers with superior strength, agility, and intellect. These men put their lives on the line to execute the government’s most dangerous missions.

With no money, no job, and no friends, Jill Thompson has little hope of escaping her abusive husband’s violent outbursts—until she hears about the Program. Desperate for a safe haven, she flees to the their compound. What she finds there is Rowan Blacker, a ruggedly handsome man whose powerful presence hides a kind and gentle heart.

The newest member of the Program, Rowan hasn’t yet connected with his comrades and sometimes feels like an outsider. When Jill shows up at the compound begging for help, he recognizes that she, too, knows what it’s like to not fit in, and he’s overcome by an instinctive desire to protect her and gain her trust. As she slowly opens herself to Rowan, their attraction ignites into a burning passion that will bind them forever.


Releasing: May 3, 2016

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After a flurry of flying cotton and denim, Rowan soon lay back totally naked against his pillows. She kneeled next to him, eyeing him, ‘cause whoa momma, he was smoking hot. Long legs dotted with black hair, led to narrow hips. Even his erect penis was gorgeous. Not that she had a lot to compare it to, but it pleased her eye. And his torso was pure delicious yumminess, with tight abdominal muscles and inches of taut golden skin that she wanted to rub her palms over.

She started there, placing a fingertip on his collarbone, tracing it across and running a hand down his arm.


“Hmm?” Couldn’t he see she was busy?

“Need a kiss here.”

She looked at his face. A kiss? Yeah, she could do that. Carefully straddling him, she leaned in to press her lips to his. His kisses were starting to feel familiar in the best possible way. Familiar, yet wildly arousing.

They kissed for long, heated minutes, and then she pulled back remembering she had permission to touch him. She hadn’t mentioned it to him yet, but she wasn’t going for a simple exploratory touch. She wanted it all—to make him come. Rowan always seemed to have his passion controlled around her, and though she knew why and appreciated it beyond reason, she wanted him to know she trusted him now. She wanted to see him let go and get pleasure from her touch.

She released his mouth and moved to plant more kisses on his neck, his chin, and then down to his pectoral. Her tongue found his hardened nipples and she toyed with them, eliciting a gasp. She noticed one nipple had a little scarring.

“Had a nipple ring,” Rowan explained. “Up until a few months back. Piercings and training do not go together.”

“I can imagine,” she said, but what she was imagining was a sexy silver hoop going through his nipple, complementing the scattered tattoos on his biceps and torso. She’d already examined his tattoos and received explanations behind them a few nights ago. Now she kissed, then licked each spot of ink on his skin.

“Might have to get another tattoo one of these days,” he said, observing the pattern of her kisses.

She kneeled up to look at him. “Of what?”

“You,” he said simply.

That worried her. “Don’t get my name permanently on your body. It’s so romantic, but I’m superstitious. A tattoo of your girlfriend’s name is the fastest way to jinx a relationship.”

He chuckled. “Don’t want your name. I want a butterfly.”

“A butterfly?” He thought of her as a butterfly. “Why?”

“Because when we met you were…”

“Don’t say a worm,” she interrupted.

He laughed. “Butterflies come from caterpillars, not worms, but not that either. You were in a cocoon, all protective, not letting anyone in. Now you’re a butterfly, all gorgeous colorful wings, flying free.”

That was the single nicest thing anyone had ever said to her. Tears lodged in her throat and she struggled to keep this sexy. Nothing sexy about a woman blubbering all over you. She refocused her efforts, trailing kisses all over, but mostly above his waist. He said nothing about the speed and tempo by which she was leading this dance, but she knew he had to be getting antsy. His patience with her was the greatest gift he could’ve given her. As a reward, she moved her mouth lower and lower again until his erection bobbed under her heated breath.

A surge of power and desire raced through her as he bit back an untranslatable word the second her tongue dared to dart out and taste him for the first time. He was delicious, and she wanted more of him in her mouth.

“Jill,” he said on a groan.

She didn’t respond. Couldn’t. Her mouth was busy. She’d never wanted to give this to a man the way she wanted to give it to Rowan. The last time she’d wanted to had been in high school, and she’d been too awkward and uninformed to enjoy the experience. More recently, blow jobs had either been forced on her or given as a precautionary barrier to prevent anything from penetrating her body. No, don’t go there. Jack didn’t get to join them in this bed. Here, there was only room for her and Rowan.

She let her hands explore his body as her mouth worked him. One palm swept up his thigh, loving the crisp hairs that tickled her skin. Her other hand held his shaft in place as her tongue and lips teased him. And then she got serious.