Hot Nights with the Fireman


Everyone in Washington, DC, knows that when the heat is on, you call Valerie Wainwright. This brilliant, brassy PR maven can spin any hot scandal, and she’s never let a client ruffle her feathers. Yet when she agrees to teach DC’s bravest how to handle a media frenzy, she faces an entirely different kind of fire. Keeping things all business and no pleasure is far harder than she expected.

After steamy photos ignite the Internet, firefighter Jason Moore instantly goes from hero to bad boy. While he couldn’t care less about an online rep, he cares a lot about his job and saving lives. If Valerie can help clear his name, he’ll do what she says-even if it means forcing himself to keep his hands off her. But beneath Valerie’s cool cover, Jason feels a smoldering desire that lights his own. And this is one inferno he’ll definitely want to stoke . . .
ISBN: 9781455591343
Release Date: July 14, 2015
Publisher: Grand Central Forever Yours
Word Length: 65,000

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He watched her for the rest of the ride, until finally, obviously feeling his gaze, she took her eyes off the road to frown at him. “You’re staring.”

“You’re beautiful,” he said, the words falling easily and sincerely from his lips.


“Don’t what? Tell the truth?”

She pulled her gaze back to the road and murmured, “We shouldn’t do this.”

“Do what? Talk? Hang out?”

“None of it.” But she frowned as if she hated the idea as much as he did. Within a minute, she pulled up into the parking lot, next to his car, and the time for good-byes and see-yas had arrived. The moment he’d been both dreading and dying for because he knew he was going to make his move and either get shut down or get the grand prize.

He leaned across the gearshift as she turned to say good-bye. Pulling a move he hadn’t used since high school when his big brother taught him it, he dodged right then left as if going to buss her cheek, but planted one smack on her lips instead. He pulled back quickly to check on her reaction to his “accidental” lip lock, and one small taste had him reeling. She tasted as good as he’d expected, and she was looking across at him a little stunned. She touched a finger to her lips.

“Sorry about that,” he said, inwardly smiling at her stupefied expression, though he imagined his own expression was identical. He’d gone for the surprise kiss, but had been the one to end up surprised at how his body reacted strongly to her nearness.

“I—it’s all right,” she said, still rubbing her finger over her plump lower lip. If she kept it up, he’d grab the finger and suck it between his lips. The way she kept staring, almost as if she’d never been kissed, made him think he should do it again. He leaned forward and brushed his lips deliberately across hers. She accepted his kiss passively for a few seconds, but when her hands curled in his hair, he knew he was making a point. There was chemistry between them. Too much chemistry to ignore it—no matter what she said, her reaction to the kiss told him she was feeling the tug as much as he was.