The Breeder

The Dirty Bits from Carina Press give you what you want, when you want it. Designed to be read in an hour or two, these sex-filled micro-romances are guaranteed to pack a punch and deliver a happily ever after.

Twelve men are willing to fight and die for her.

Only one will triumph.

In a world where fertility is a rare and treasured thing, Jane–the breeder for Windy City–is ready to fulfill her destiny and repopulate the earth, with the help of the one man strong enough to have her. The man she’s dreamed of for as long as she can remember.

One fight. One winner. One month of uninhibited pleasure. For Ethan, losing Jane isn’t an option. He’s spent years preparing for this battle, for his woman, but marriage and family are a thing of the past, and happily ever afters don’t come easy.

No matter the temptation, they can’t stay lost in each other’s bodies forever. The clock is ticking, and Ethan means to keep Jane for always. No matter what it takes.


January 2018



I felt a little push from behind and stumbled onto the wooden stage. Six years of training took over and my stumble turned into a slow glide designed to highlight my legs and how they looked in the high heels they’d shoved on my feet. I remembered to swing my hips for maximum effect. It must have been working because a loud chorus of male shouts greeted me from the audience.

I aimed my smile in their direction. It was my weapon and I honed it to maximum efficacy. I’d been told to make every male candidate in the audience want to possess me and that’s what I’d do.

I’d walk for the good of society as had been drilled into me since birth. If the males were motivated by a worthy prize, they’d continue working their hardest to win it. The spotlights shining down on me made it impossible to see the one hundred men deemed worthy to enter the competition, but I knew they were there. The testosterone rolled onto the stage in a tidal wave.

After what seemed like a mile, I made it to center stage and the magnetic presence of Selectioner Michael. Gone was his businesslike attitude. Here, he was all showmanship and ear-to-ear smiles. His booming chatter listed things about me, but I didn’t focus on them. I turned briefly and saw huge glossy photos of past Breeders flashing on screens behind me. Their faces were as familiar as my own.

The tenor of the light changed as the screens flashed to white. “The time has come, gentlemen,” Michael said, as if telling a secret to a lucky few. The audience’s whistles and shouts stopped abruptly. There was only the whisper of chairs creaking as their occupants sat straighter. No one wanted to miss a word of what was coming next.

The man who’d escorted me to the stage rolled out a small round table covered in a shimmery silver cloth. On the table perched a large glass bowl. Every man who’d won the chance to enter the auditorium tonight had a card in the bowl with his name and identification number.

“You’re on, Jane,” Michael said.