Seeking: One title

Help! Usually titles come to me as I write the book. This one has remained: Elizabeth1.o, Elizabeth1.2 etc…  This is the second book of 4 sisters. Charlotte, the eldest’s story, releases on September 28 from Ellora’s Cave.  Story X starts on the day after Mistress in the Making ends. Here… Read more“Seeking: One title”

What’s cooking hot stuff?

 When I was in elementary school my brother and I complained one too many times about my mom’s meals. She’s an excellent cook, but I guess we were stuck in a food rut. So she placed the responsibility on our shoulders as any smart mother would do. Each of us… Read more“What’s cooking hot stuff?”

Who Would You Do? British Actors

In honor of the final Harry Potter opening tomorrow/tonight (depending on your time zone), this week’s burning question of who would you do, is for British Actors. For those new to my blog, I play a game each week asking a highly scientific opinion poll about who you’d want in… Read more“Who Would You Do? British Actors”