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  • Songs of Summer July 22, 2014
    It happens every summer. An ear worm hits the airwaves and it’s in your head all summer. Some I like, some I could live without. (Remember the summer of Gangam style). This summer, I’m humming along to Imagine Dragons, On Top of the World, Fancy by Iggy Azalea, and I could live without Happy byRead more...
  • Pokemon Tournament July 9, 2014
    This weekend my boys begged me to drive them to a local Pokemon tournament at a local comic/collector shop. Now, I knew what they didn’t; that the tournament would be a micro version of comic con or similar con. They’d never seen or been to anything like it. Nor had I, because my choice forRead more...
  • Help me! July 3, 2014
    Last Saturday I had the honor of being one of the featured authors at the Frederick Book festival put on by the awesome Vivi Dumas. This was only the third book fair I’ve attended as a signing author and I need to work out some kinks in the Lynne Silver booth. As I realized thisRead more...


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