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Hot times, summer in the city…

Oh summer. Kids are out of school, the days are long and the nights are hot. Being a Florida girl, I love it all. Except one thing: the extra stuff. The bathing suits, beach towels, goggles, sunscreen, hats, pool toys, and bug spray. Where do you put it all? How to keep it all organized without cluttering up the front hall, not to mention the additional laundry.

 You could argue that winter has its organization annoyances with the hats, gloves, scarves, coats etc…but let’s be honest, who washes their winter gear all that frequently? Not me. Not so with the summer gear. Every towel and suit gets washed after each use. So, how do you do it? How do you keep the stuff accessible but tidy, and the laundry piles to a minimum. 

Over the years, I’ve developed a few systems that seem to work. 

One: I have a large CLEAR shoe bag in the front hall coat closet. You know the type with multiple pockets for each shoe. Well, no shoes go in my shoe bags. In the summer, the pockets hold sunscreen bottles, bug spray, goggles, small pool toys. In the winter the bag holds scarves, gloves, hats etc… but that’s another post. 

Two: The ridiculously large beach bag from Lands End. I keep it at the ready in my closet with extra goggles, toys, sunscreen, the pool passes, some sealed packaged snacks and a tampon. The last two items have saved my ass a time or two. As soon as we call for a pool run, everyone knows to dump either their bathing suit or change of clothes in the bag. I’m in charge of towels and we’re on our way within 15 minutes. 

Three: A hamper in the bathroom devoted only to towels. As soon as the kids get home from camp or we arrive en masse from the pool, wet bathing suits go on the shower rod over the tub and wet towels go in the hamper. Once a week I toss it in the wash. It helps that we’ve acquired huge amounts of beach towels from Target sales or trips to amusement parks. 

So that’s how I keep my summer sanity. How about you? I’m always looking for tips to keep the pool prep time to a minimum without a lot of dashing back to the house because someone forgot or couldn’t find something.

3 thoughts on “Get it Together Tuesdays

  1. Laura says:

    The LE beach bag is our daily-use bag, too! My rule is that we have to come into the house through the laundry room, so everyone drops their towels off there– no wet surprises later! My new HE washer rinses out suits and spins them pretty much dry, so they go up on hooks and are ready to go the next day. It’s also big enough to wash a couple days worth of beach towels and the beach blanket at once. (Yes, I must admit that it bothers me to be this happy about a laundry appliance, but it does the job!)

    I also buy about 6 bottles of sunscreen at the start of the summer, so we have them at home, in the beach bag, in both cars, etc., so we never get caught without!

  2. Lynne says:

    Laura, That’s a great idea about keeping sunscreen in the car. That way we always have it! Will have to toss some in.

  3. Lynne – I LOVE the clear shoe organizer idea! I am stealing it for my front closet – excellent use of space and a way to keep track of all that little stuff.

    I also have the XXL Lands End pool bag. it is a lifesaver.

    Thanks for sharing!


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