Who Would You Do? British Actors

In honor of the final Harry Potter opening tomorrow/tonight (depending on your time zone), this week’s burning question of who would you do, is for British Actors. For those new to my blog, I play a game each week asking a highly scientific opinion poll about who you’d want in your bed given a choice. Write-in answers are always accepted and valued.


1. Nanny lover Jude Lawe

2. Sex personified James Purefoy

3. Rugged yet sensitive Clive Owen

4. Jonathan Rhys Meyer (I think I’d crush him bed)

5. Anyone else?

My choice is Jame Purefoy or JR Meyer. I think he’d do dirty dirty things in bed.

10 thoughts on “Who Would You Do? British Actors

  1. Alica says:

    Do I have to pick just one?? Um lets see I really like Johnathan, but I would have to add in Jason Isaacs and Christopher Eccleston.

  2. Jason Statham! Oh yeah . . .

  3. Kerri Carpenter says:

    Henry Cavill – from the Tudors and the new Superman movie. Yum, yum and yumminess!

  4. Lynne says:

    Oohh. You all came up with SUCH good names. Love Jason Isaacs, especially in The Patriot. And Kerri, You’ll have to check back next Friday when Henry Cavill is one of the official choices. Don’t want to give away the theme, but think bird, plane it’s….

  5. Sigh. JRM is hot but when I Googled him I read that he used a racial slur (I think we can all guess which one) at the LA airport.

    Why, oh why do they have to open their mouths? I mean for more than just the obvious. I’ll have to go for Marc Antony -I mean James Purefoy, instead

  6. Alys says:

    #5. Jason Isaacs. Oh god yes.
    #6. Christopher Eccleston
    #7. John Simm
    #8. Philip Glenister
    #9. David Bowie


  7. Lynne says:

    Alys, I have some serious googling to do. I don’t know 6, 7, or 8. I’m off! Gorgeour men to meet.

  8. Jason! Jason Isaacs! JASON JASON JASON!



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