Who would you do: Superman

For this Friday’s Who would you do, we’re going with Superman. It’s summer and superheroes are hot. Who doesn’t like a man in spandex with underwear on the outside? لعبة كرات So lay it on me, which actor who played Superman is your kryptonite?

1. George Reeves- The Original

2. Christopher Reeve- The beloved

3. Brandon Routh- Such a darling

4. Tom Welling- Edgy Superman

5. Dean Cain- TV Superman

6. Henry Cavill -The Brit? (but damn sexy)

My Vote?  Oh, Henry Cavill, I want to do bad things to you. Rawr.

3 thoughts on “Who would you do: Superman

  1. Vanessa says:

    No question, Henry Cavill. And when we get tired of superman, he can bust out his Tudors costumes. Tasty!

  2. mMm says:

    I LOVE SUPERMAN. I’d have to say I love Reeve and Routh the most, but I’ll give Cavill a chance.

  3. danielle says:

    Now ladies, we’ll have to play nice and take turns, ’cause Cavill’s my choice to!

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