Get it Together Tuesday: The Write Stuff

As you know, I signed a new contract with Ellora’s Cave for a novella entitled Mistress in the Making. In it, the heroine makes a hard choice about whether she’s willing to sell her body to help her sisters. It gets me thinking about limits on love.

My favorite boys feeding goats.

How far am I willing to go for my husband, my kids, my parents? Luckily I’ve never had to face selling my body, but do I go without new clothes or haircuts for months at a time so my kids can go to speech therapy and soccer camp etc? Hell to the yeah. But those are minor things. In the romance novel world it’s what we’re always aiming for as authors. We need our hero and heroine to face their greatest fear and make the leap anyway because they do it for love. preo da ivermectina na drogaria pacheco And we need to make the reader believe it. Do we do this in real life?

And what about the mundane? Days flash by and in the whirl of carpool lines, writing, cooking, cleaning and well… can sudden blindness happen a few days after ivermectin Life, you realize it’s been three weeks since you picked up the phone to call your 92 year old ailing grandmother. I like to think I’m be there when needed, but what about when you’re not? When you just you love someone, cause you do. how to pronounce ivermectin 0.5%

Am I making time to show my family how much I love them? Are you making time? How far are you willing to go?

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