Get it Together Tuesday: The Couples Massage

On my honeymoon (in Hawaii- yes, it was fantastic), my husband and I decided to get massages on the beach. But since it was our honeymoon, we couldn’t go it alone. We booked a couple’s massage.  We lay side by side on two massage tables and two women entered and massaged us. It was the least relaxing, most giggle-inducing 50 minutes of my life.

My husband was 2 feet away. Being rubbed ANOTHER WOMAN! Why does anyone think that’s sexy? نتائج امم اوروبا 2024 Trust me, it’s not. It’s not as though we were close enough to touch. العاب كوتشينه And we certainly weren’t going to engage in intimate conversation with two strangers in the room. So unable to fully relax, my mind wandered to such important topics such as…did men get erections during massages…had my husband…was my tummy making a weird rumbly sound…did the hotel have a decent sushi bar…and well, you get the idea.

In my Spice Brief, Rapture, Catherine does find something sexy at the spa, her massage therapist, Hunter. They end up having several hot encounters on the massage table and develop their connection into an actual relationship. I find that a lot sexier than an already established couple looking for a connection on the massage table. Now maybe if I ever bothered to take those massage classes, I’d be happier….

So, I’m glad we tried it once, but we won’t be repeating it. Massages are ME time and we’ll find other things to do for intimacy. تحميل بوكر بويا What about you. What’s the sexiest or least sexiest thing you’ve done with your partner besides making whoopie?

ADDENDUM: My least sexy marriage moment happened on my wedding night. I wore a fairly poufy dress and after the ceremony I had to go to the bathroom. My husband bravely volunteered to hold the skirt up over my head while I took care of business. Lovely start to marriage. I guess it’s was practice for pregnancy and childbirth when they see it all.

2 thoughts on “Get it Together Tuesday: The Couples Massage

  1. Diana says:

    I had one of those couples massages before! It was a wedding gift, actually, and though it was very sweet, I could never fully relax because I kept looking over at my husband to see how he was enjoying it.

    Now I know: massages are not like dinners, or even pedicures (which are fun to get with friends) — you’re meant to enjoy them ALONE.

    As for non-sexy things I’ve done with my husband — honey, we have an infant. Every half-awake, groggy, middle of the night, “You get her into a new sleeper while I yank up the sheets and clean the bodily fluids off the mattress pad” event counts, right?

  2. Lynne says:

    Diana, I think you say it perfectly. Massage time is Alone time.

    And I disagree about the middle of the night infant care. Is there anything seixier than a man taking care of his kid? Bodily fluids aside 😉

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