Who Would you Do: Steampunk with Anya Richards

Woot! I have a guest. Please welcome, my pal Anya Richards, fell0w author.  She has a book release TODAY! (GO buy it, trust me, you want it)  In honor of release, Anya is visiting for Who would you do Friday: Anya, take it away…

Steampunk is one of those much-debated sub-genres of both movies and romance novels. It’s open to interpretation and maybe that’s why I like  it so much. When people are debating what something means and whether certain books, etc. fall into the category, it means there’s a lot of interesting writing going on. To me, that makes it all good!

So in honor of the release of my Steampunk romp, Beyond Prudence, now available from Ellora’s Cave and in the true spirit of Who Would You do? I’ve compiled a short list of Steampunk characters I’d do.

 1. Captain Jim West, Wild Wild West (Not Will Smith’s finest hour as an actor, but I won’t hold that against him)

 2. Allan Quatermain, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Like fine wine, baby)

 3. And an extraordinary lady, Mina Harker (Loved Peta in La Femme Nikita (90’s version) too!)

 4. Passepartout/Lau Xing, Around the World in 80 Days (What could be better than a man who can move like this AND make you laugh?)

 5. Hugh Jackman, The Prestige (There were no real heroes in this movie, but still…)

 I hope you enjoyed my trip down fantasy lane, and also enjoy the blurb below for Beyond Prudence. You can also read an excerpt here and see the trailer here.

Thanks for stopping by!



The mysterious device in Prudence Hastings’ basement could be the answer to her prayers, if she could just figure out what it is. Needing William Foreman’s help, she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to gain it. Even putting aside her dislike of machines and volunteering to test the risqué apparatus he’s developing for the Acolytes of Concupiscence. لعبة المتاهة  

Will’s expecting a lightskirt for a test subject and is horrified when he realizes the tempting woman he just debauched is very much a lady. But despite his best intentions, something keeps drawing him back to her, and it isn’t just the thought of discovering the inner workings of her uncle’s last invention. موقع سباق الفورمولا Unlocking their passion is turning out to be a far more pleasurable, if dangerous, job. خريطة رالي داكار السعودية 2023

 Beset by desire, automatons, secrets, an unintelligible maid and the danger of utter ruin should their association become known, Will and Prudence haven’t a chance in hell of remaining unscathed. 

Fire up the boiler, open the sluices and take cover. Something’s about to explode…

5 thoughts on “Who Would you Do: Steampunk with Anya Richards

  1. JK Coi says:

    Congratulations!! Happy release day!!

    I think I’d do Jude Law from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow!

  2. Lynne says:

    For me, it’s Hugh Jackman. Always. Mwah. Love you Hugh.

  3. Amy Ruttan says:

    All good choices. I have to add Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes. 🙂

  4. Daisy Harris says:

    I’d do Dorian Grey from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I like ’em pretty. 🙂

  5. Ahhh, all good choices! I did consider Dorian Grey, Daisy, but went with Mina instead ROFL! I like ’em a little dangerous.

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