Seeking: One title

Help! Usually titles come to me as I write the book. ivermectin in cats for ear mites This one has remained: Elizabeth1.o, Elizabeth1.2 etc…  This is the second book of 4 sisters. Charlotte, the eldest’s story, releases on September 28 from Ellora’s Cave. 

Story X starts on the day after Mistress in the Making ends. Here is the blurb:

When retired army captain, Phillip Gordon, inherits a distant cousin’s estate, he anticipates a relaxing country life. Instead he gains guardianship over a dilapidated home and headstrong beauty, Elizabeth, who refuses to obey orders until his dominant tendencies emerge. usefulness of ivermectin in covid-19 illness (april 19 2020)

Elizabeth is a noted beauty. Like seriously beautiful, and she’s allowed it to define her very being. onde encontrar ivermectina no rio de janeiro Phillip is the one man who calls her on her spoiled behavior and commands her respect.  Ideas I have include:

1. Taming the Debutante

2. Claiming his Mistress

3. Mistress by claiming

4. Claimed by the Captain

4 thoughts on “Seeking: One title

  1. Robinamyb says:

    Claiming Elizabeth…, although I’m partial to Claiming His Mistress

  2. Lynne says:

    I’ve come up with some more:
    Beauty and her Beast, Bound by Beauty. I really like Claiming Elizabeth, too.

  3. I like Claiming his Mistress but I really like the word “taming”

    Taming the Hellion

    Taming Elizabeth . . . ooh I like that!


  4. Lynne says:

    Taming Elizabeth… I love it, especially because there’s a lot about lions in the book. (less weird than it sounds)

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