Get it Together Tuesday: Is guilt sticky?

I’m sure lots of you watched the Amanda Knox verdict yesterday. ivermectina 6 mg vitamedic bula I did, though I watched in Italian (which I don’t speak) so it took a few moments wondering whether she was sobbing from joy or sorrow. If she is innocent, I’m thrilled that she is finally free and saddened that she lost four years of her life in prison. But what now? For the rest of her life, those four years and the accusations will always cling to her.

And I’m not trying to speculate on the legalities of the case. simpiox drops I’m more fascinated by the Now What aspect. Will Amanda return to University? Will she apply for a job? Will she find love? I think yes to all those questions, but will speculation always exist from her classmates or co-workers about her innocence. como se toma la ivermectina para piojos en nios Once a person is accused of a crime, whether true or not, the taint is there.

And that is true for Lord Westhunt, the villian in Mistress in the Making. As a child, he was rowdy and rough and violent. He’s no angel as an adult either and is absolutely guilty of beating his mistress. But when the hero of Mistress, Westhunt’s twin brother, accuses him of murdering their eldest brother, it is hard to shake the taint, even when he is proven innocent. (maybe, I’m still toying with proving his guilt in a sequel or fully redeeming him by true love).

There are many famous cases throughout history of innocent people being accused of wrongdoing. Once accused, does the taint stick, or can someone be redeemed?

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  1. Victoria says:

    Great questions about Amanda Knox. I’ve wondered the same things. I’m intrigued by your description of Lord Westhunt. Can’t wait to download Mistress in the Making.

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