Get it Together Tuesday: Illicit Love

Is love sexier and hotter when it’s illicit? There must be something to it, else you wouldn’t read about extramarital affairs all the time.

Romance writers certainly think there’s something to illicit love. Just think about examples of all the tropes we use: In historical we’ve got the Rake & the Virgin, the Governess and the Duke, the Guardian and the Ward.

In paranormal, we’ve got immortal & mortal, vampire & human, vampire & slayer.

In contemporary, there’s the boss & employee, ex-spouse of friend/relative, 2 people married to the wrong person.

Romance writers are told that there needs to be strong forces pulling the two potential lovers apart. Otherwise, the book would begin & end in chapter one with no emotional turmoil.  But does this work in real life. Often illicit love can cause much heartbreak, especially in the case of affairs. How many friends do you have that have been hurt? On the other hand, how many friends do you have that have found their true love? Found the person they’re meant to be with?

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