Money changes everything, or does it?

I know a couple that may come into a big windfall soon. I’m talking big, like retirement big. And I’m wondering how it affects them as a couple. سن جريزمان Will it bring thm closer or will it add problems to their long marriage? طول راموس

Wealth plays a big role in romance novels. Harlequin’s Presents line features wealthy playboys taking their loves to jet setting locations while their Blaze or American lines call for more blue collar, down to earth people. Because there’s an assumption that wealth equals jaded or not down to earth.

And in historical romance, readers seem to prefer the wealthy dukes and glittering world of the aristocracy because of the freedom their wealth provides. Or is there another reason?

And timing may be of interest also. Does it make a difference whether the couple gets together before the money comes? In romance novels it seems to. Often stories will feature a hero and heroine that have known each other before one got wealthy but parted ways for a variety of reasons, so when they get back together, the knowledge of their true self is part of the appeal. تحميل لعبة طاولة مصرية 31

And don’t even get me started on the ugly billionare. If you’ve watched even 5 minutes of Millionare Matchmaker, you know that an ugly poor dude gets no women, but give the guy a few zeros in his IRA and he can get almost any woman he wants. Are women so aroused by money, or is it the perception of power that comes with the wealth?

What do you think? How does money affect love.

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