Get it Together Tuesday: Beach vs City

It’s that time of year where people travel, either to families for the holidays or to exotic beach vacations. Despite growing up in Miami, I am not much of a beach girl. Sure I like the down time lying on the beach reading a book, but I get bored after a few hours. کوره اون لاین I love the energy and excitement of cities.

And yet in romance novels, cities are not as romantic as beaches. Maybe it’s something to do with all the skin you tend to show at the beach. كازنو The pace slows on the beach and the couple is free to focus on each other. Cities are fast. Cities have sensory overload. Hence the whole genre of URBAN fantasy. You don’t hear a lot about beach paranormal. اين يلعب كريستيانو

It also says a lot about a couple (maybe) for where they choose to honeymoon or vacation. There’s a reason the majority of honeymoons are relaxing beach destinations. It’s acceptable to laze about (in bed) all day. When you return there is no shame in saying, so we missed the white sand beach or the snorkel cruise. Whereas a honeymoon to Paris might garner a few giggles and winks when you admit you missed the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in favor of other pastimes.

So hit me up. I wanna hear your ideal honeymoon and if you got to go on it, and if you had two weeks and an unlimited budget, where would you and your honey go now.

I went to Kauai on my honeymoon and it was lovely. Massages on teh beach, long walks and time snuggled in bed. If I had two weeks now, I’d go to Japan or Madrid, or India. There’s so much I haven’t seen of the world and I don’t want to waste time lazing on the beach!

2 thoughts on “Get it Together Tuesday: Beach vs City

  1. As a Hand Model, I really need that top-shelf spa experience in Canada. I would then steal a horse from an RCMP officer and ride off with it into the night, allowing me to look at my hands in the moonlight.

  2. I love the beach, but not to lay out, more to walk or run along and explore. My husband and I went to Maui for our 10th anniversary, and we’ve had fun visiting different Caribbean islands now that we’re on the East coast. But Europe was my favorite trip. Hadn’t been since I lived in Germany as a kid.

    With two weeks of travel and unlimited funds, I’d go to Australia and New Zealand. But, I’d like to hit Spain, Greece, Costa Rica, and Quebec too. And I haven’t seen a few States in the upper northeast. My list is long and my funds too short. 😉

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