Get it Together Tuesday: Nothing to see here

This is draft 3 of today’s blog. In draft 1, I wrote an entirely too personal account of my sex life with my husband. بطاقات ون كارد My husband asked that I not post it. سبورت ٨٨٨ I’ll respect his request.

Draft 2 discussed birth control and my thoughts on having more kids or being permanaently sterilized. My possible future children asked me not to post it. I’ll go with it.

And here we are at iteration number 3 in which I have nothing of significance to talk about. لعبة عبر الانترنت But it’s Tuesday, and Jane always writes on Tuesdays.

(A nickel to whoever gets that reference, and since you’re romance readers, I’m guessing all of you will)

So consider this my Seinfeld blog post. A post about nothing! Um, how did Larry David and Jerry pull off a half-hour sitcom? I can’t even fill a few measly paragraphs. Maybe my brain is too full of annoyance at the joke of a senate hearing last week on birth control. I mean really, it’s a women’s issue, but it’s also a mans. Consider that families would have to budget a possible additional thousand dollars per year if the Pill stopped getting covered. Don’t even get me started.

Or maybe my head is too full of my current manuscript in which something isn’t quite right. I’d fix it, but heck if I know what’s the matter.

So I’m going to bed. Thanks for showing up today. I obviously didn’t.

2 thoughts on “Get it Together Tuesday: Nothing to see here

  1. Jessica D says:

    Seinfeld wasn’t about nothing. It was a comedy of manners.

  2. Lynne says:

    You are totally right, Jessica. Seinfeld was anything BUT about nothing. But remember that was their big marketing thing “It’s the show about Nothing”. Or at least George’s pitch to NBC was.

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