Who would win?

I love to reread and this week I spent a bunch of time rereading some favorite paranormals. Each series has its own world building and fresh take on a common theme. In terms of which series is my favorite, it varies from day to day. But…I got to thinking and wondering if you line up the characters from each series, who would win a battle royale. Let’s compare!1. Lara Adrien’s Midnight Vampires vs. JR Ward’s BDB Vampires


Attribute JR. Ward’s BDB Vampires Lara Adrien’s Midnight Breeds
Strength: Very strong, more than human strength Strength varies depending on age of breed and generation
Finances: Uber, Bill Gates kind of rich Wealthy, old money
Gadgets/Weaponry Modern guns combined with homemade daggers Resident computer tech, underground training facility
Other powers Can dematerialize, some mind reading and can turn locks & lights Can run/move faster than the human eye can see
Weaknesses Sun, losing their bonded mate Sun, bloodlust



Attribute Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Were
Nalini Singh’s Changelings
Strength: Very strong, more than human strength Above human strength
Finances: Have money, but doesn’t affect them Depends on the pack, but money doesn’t seem to matter. Draw richness
from pack and land.
Gadgets/Weaponry Magic, prefer hand to hand combat Hand to hand combat often in form of animal
Other powers Can time travel, some mind reading Animal strength
Weaknesses Die if their mate dies and they are bonded, electricity Turning into their animal fulltime

3 thoughts on “Who would win?

  1. Carlene says:

    I should not be allowed to weigh in on this because I don’t think I could ever go against a SK WereHunter, even if they were up against the devil himself. The fact that they die if their mate dies after they’ve bonded is such a crazy good weakness, isn’t it?

  2. Lynne says:

    Carlene, I KNEW I’d get you over here with one whiff of Dark Hunter! I think I forgot to post my conclusions. I think the Were Hunters have an edge over the changelings thanks to their magic. Changelings have strength and speed.

  3. Carlene says:

    LOL. You had me at “Wren”

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