From past to present

As you know I write regency erotic romance. Or rather I USED to write regency erotic romance. But I had these story ideas in my head that would not leave and so I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and got them down. And guess what? You’ll be able to read them soon! Keep checking back here for blurbs, cover art and release dates. For now I can’t give you much more. Sorry.

As a reader, will you follow an author to any genre? Or does it throw you too much? For example, I didn’t read much of Christina Dodd’s historicals, but when she jumped to her contemporary paranmoral, I gobbled them up like whoa! And I will read anything Lisa Kleypas puts out in historical, but I have yet to pick up one of her contemporaries. I’m not sure why I haven’t. I love her voice and her writing.

Sherrilyn Kenyon is one example that comes to mind as someone who leaps all over the time spectrum. Her Kinley Macgregor books are medieval (sp?), Dark Hunters are contemporary paranormal, and her Born In books are Sci Fi. Kresley Cole also very successfully made the leap from Scottish historical to contemporary paranormal and I’ve heard she’s got a YA coming out too.

These authors leap around and fans seem to follow them. And yet can you imagine if JR Ward announced she was going to write a regency romance? Or Stephanie Laurens announced a forthcoming paranormal YA? It’s jarring. As a fellow writer, I would applaud and encourage every author to write books that are important to them no matter the genre, and yet I understand that business branding doesn’t always allow for that. And then again Ward and Laurens have rabid fans who would probably follow them into middle grade graphic novels as long as the voice was true.

So do you follow favorite authors or for you is it all about the story no matter the author?

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