Are you a Flitter or a Sitter?

I returned home yesterday after one of my favorite annual weekends of the year, the Washington Romance Writer’s Annual Retreat. I wish I had photos to share, but alas I forgot my camera, and I was so busy chatting, I didn’t have time to stop and pose. And that’s why today’s blog post is entitled Are you a flitter or a sitter.

Because I’m a flitter. When I go to a conference or even a party, I flit from person to person excited to talk and connect with all the familiar and new faces I see. “Oh, there’s Lavinia, I want to hear about her son’s college applications” “And there’s Robin, I wonder how her book edits are going. طاولة اون لاين ” “Oh, and I haven’t met Allison yet, but I keep reading her posts on the chat loop and would love to meet her in person”

And off I go…

But maybe it would be better to be a sitter. To find one or two people and sit and really connect. Maybe I’ll return home at the end of the weekend regretting that I only waved at some people, but I’ll feel strong bonds with the fewer people that I did make time to connect with.

And speaking of connections… CONNECT was the buzzword of my weekend. I self Selected out of the craft workshops to attnd the marketing and industry ones. Connect was my takeaway buzz word. اسرار لعبة texas holdem poker Connect with readers, other authors and the community at large.

So talk to me…Are you a flitter or a sitter? What is your conference strategy? افلام سباق

2 thoughts on “Are you a Flitter or a Sitter?

  1. I’m a sitter. Not that I wouldn’t love to flit, but if I do, it’s sensory overload and exhausting. 🙂

  2. Lynne says:

    Maybe that’s why I come home so exhausted from conferences. It’s the sensory overload of flitting. Next time I’m pulling up a chair next to you and will stay seated.

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