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I’ve never reviewed a movie on my blog before, and this probably won’t be much of a review either. But last night I saw Avengers (along with everyone else in the US) and had some thoughts.

A few years back I took my first fiction writing course. The teacher warned us to think long and hard before embarking on the fiction writing journey, “because we’d never be able to see or enjoy a movie the same way.” Last night I finally reached that point. I’d wanted to see Avengers because of all the hoopla and I love a good superhero flick. Plus lots of my respected author friends were Facebooking that they loved the movie.

But I didn’t. Love it, that is. And I’m struggling to pinpoint why.

Things to love.

1. Male eye candy.

2. hilarious zingers from RDJ- “Hold on tight, Legolas”

3. Loki calling ScarJo a “Quim” I was the ONLY person in the theater who understood the meaning. I guess that’s how you get away with calling someone a cunt in a PG-13 movie.

4. Stan Lee’s cameo- Again, I think my husband and I were the only people who recognized him. (What theater did I go to? Clueless Cinemas?)

5. Special effects were fun

Things that made me go hmmm and roll my eyes:

1. Lack of true character motivation for the villains. “I am Loki and I want to rule the world. Bwa ha ha ha”  “We are power hungry alien dudes who want to conquer. Bow down earthlings!”

2. Shadowy super secret US government organization masterminding the superheros.

3. All action takes place in Manhattan. In about a 4 square block. And seriously New Yorkers, when there’s a massive invasion. STOP standing at the windows of your sky scrapers peering out. A spaceship/laser ray, tail of a dragon/etc… Will take facing of the building off in a massive crash and you’ll be killed. Sheesh woulda thought you’d learn by now. How many movies will it take.

4. And Aliens, if you’re all connected to the same power source, don’t leave the mothership vulnerable. Again, how many movie invasions will it take before you realize a superhero American will make the ultimate sacrifice (his life) to insert a nuclear device in your mothership thereby killing/shutting down all your soldiers?

Maybe I’m being curmudgeonly, but I’ve come to expect out-of-the-box plotting from Joss Wheedon. Instead Avengers is same old-same old.

What did you think? I know you saw the movie based on weekend box office numbers.

5 thoughts on “Review of Avengers

  1. Karla Doyle says:

    Hubby & I saw it yesterday, too. Hubby loved it. I was bored…I actually pulled out my phone and started checking emails.

    I love RDJ, love him. And he was great, as usual. Chris Hemsworth was gorgeous, but didn’t even have the decency to take his shirt off. So sad.

    It was really just a blow-stuff-up fest. I lost two and half hours of precious editing time! lol

    Glad I’m not the only one who didn’t go gaga over it. 😉 Did your hubby enjoy it, Lynne?

  2. admin says:

    Really Chris- I would’ve missed the writing lameness if you’d have had your shirt off.

    My husband felt the same way- that the plot was predicatble and recycled.

  3. Carlene says:

    Okay, so I plan to go see it this coming Friday with hubby and son. Will report back and let you know what I think. I love your review, Lynne. Great points and love your humor. Just out of curiosity, have you seen and liked any of the other super hero movies like Captain America or the X-Mens or the Spidermans?

  4. Beth says:

    Hmmm. I was going to see it but saw Hunger Games instead. Maybe I’ll wait for DVD or Netflix streaming. Fun review! Thanks! 🙂

  5. Lynne says:

    Carlene, I LOVE superhero movies, especially X-men. I haven’t seen Thor, but now I want to. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Avengers. I hope I didn’t ruin it for you. Sometimes hearing about plot holes takes you out of the movie watching moment.

    Beth, It is fun in the theater. I wouldn’t say DON”T GO, but I’m just not sure why it’s getting so much love. How did you like Hunger Games. Am dying to see it, but maybe not because I tend not to like book adaptations.

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