I went to the Washington Romance Writer’s retreat a little while back. It was a fabulous time, as always.  At the retreat we have a table set up where authors can leave out promotional items. scabies ivermectin We also have goody bags to which authors and publishers donate. ivermectin injection price in pakistan

The author table was filled with lovely bookmarks, cover flats and other gorgeous full-cover items. And the goody bag was chock full of the like.

I admired all of it, and for the first time since being published felt a little lame that I had nothing on the table. As a digital author, I’ve never seen the need for bookmarks. But still, it felt unprofessional not to have anything.

And so now that I have a new book coming out soon, I’m wondering what should I do to promote it? I have all the social media covered. And I plan on blogging etc.. but do I want to pay a printer to make something beautiful as a keepsake? I’m very very tempted. I’m not convinced they sell books though. I don’t think a pretty bookmark has ever made anyone buy a book, so is it the best traction for my limited marketing budget. quanox gotas para que es I don’t know.

And so I throw the question out to you as readers. What works? Sample chapter booklets? Bookmarks? Postcards? Trading cards? Or is it more about having your cover out there and hoping the visual and author name stick in someone’s subconscious?

2 thoughts on “Promotion

  1. Maria says:

    Hello Lynne – I belong to a couple of writers’ club here in Phoenix and I’ll tell you that most authors love the idea of bookmarks. They believe that it is an inexpensive way to market a book.

    You can also, take the bookmarks to local libraries and book shops, I’ve done here in Phx as well.

    Good luck to you!

  2. Lynne Silver says:


    Thanks for the info. Great idea to take the bookmarks to local bookshops.

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