Would you like a little Schadenfreude on the side?

I’m seeing a disturbing trend in the blogosphere and on social media. Anyone else noticing a disgusting amount of vitriol being spewed at fellow members of the romance/publishing world? I am, and I don’t like it.

For the past few years I’ve bragged about our supportive, women dominated, and highly financially successful industry to outsiders. Don’t make me eat my words.

Yes, there was an author talking about her contracts and her royalty statements from her traditional publisher. She was sharing HER experience. I found it fascinating and plan on using her information to ask the right questions before signing any contracts with any publisher.

And yes, there was an agent who responded to her post, sharing his view on self-publishing. Again, HIS view. Free country, people. He should be allowed to post his opinion freely, and YOU should be allowed to post your dissenting opinion. All good. However, it’s not good when people are gleefully mocking and measuring success when the agent removes the post due to the nasty comments.

I heard Robyn Carr speak a few weeks ago, and one of the things she said was that 90 percent of success in this industry was showing up, writing a good book and being nice. You hear me? BEING NICE. I’m NOT saying be a pushover or a doormat. I’m in this game to make money and earn my living whether through traditional means or indie pubbing. I will question my agent, my contracts, my royalty statements and so forth, but I try to do so in a professional manner.

Now I’m going to get a little religious, feel free to click away…

A little Kabbalah lesson for the morning…When God created the earth, He put his essence into a vessel which filled with his light, righteousness and goodness and holiness. Unfortunately, the vessels couldn’t contain the essence, cracked and spilled the light across the planet during creation. Our job, while here on earth is to gather up those bits of light and make the jars whole again. (Tikkun, repair)

Once you spill darkness to cover the light, its out there, and your bit of vitriol and negative energy is free, there is no gathering it back.


(Author’s note: I am too young to have studied more than bits and pieces of Kabbalah, so if I totally messed up the lesson, let me know)

2 thoughts on “Would you like a little Schadenfreude on the side?

  1. There are always nasty people out there, intent on hurting anyone they can. They’ll learn in the long run, though, that gets them nothing.

    It always amazes me, but it you look at the core of every religion, without all the trappings and mess? They all say one thing: LOVE. Love each other, and let your actions reflect that love. The rest is details.

  2. Lynne says:

    I agree Leigh. There is much to be said for the Golden Rule.

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