My Fave thing this week: Ring

As you know if you follow this blog, I went last week to visit my dying Grandmother. And well, that night, she died. I’m very sad, but I understand she was 92 years old and she died with grace and dignity in her own bed surrounded by people who cared. May we all be blessed in that way.

This week, I’ve decided to play Oprah and start posting about my favorite thing of that week or that month, whenever the mood is upon me. Today, I’m posting about my new ring. It was my grandmother’s. It was her wedding band. Not the one she got married in, but the one my grandfather bought for her later in life when he could afford to buy her a significant piece of jewelry. It never left her finger, and it slid right on mine like it was meant to be.

Both my grandmother and I have oddly skinny fingers, and no one else in the family could’ve worn the ring. So I got it by default, and I love it. Here it is:


Do you have any family jewlery that you inherited? Do you love it? Not your style?


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  1. Arif says:

    咁生活記趣都好嘅 … 留個回憶都要嘅 不過就唔好 day day 都 post “我今日買咗件衫” law 人哋 d 減肥 diary 真係記錄得好 serious 架 … 減到磅磅有付出架

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