Write your RITA speech now!

Last summer I went to the RWA National conference, and during the Saturday night RITA/Golden Heart ceremony, I mentally composed what I would say if I were up on the stage. And now I want to encourage you: WRITE YOUR RITA SPEECH NOW.


Because it’s motivating. It assumes success. Don’t write your Golden Heart acceptance speech. Though GH is an amazing award, it’s a stepping stone. It means your book is not yet in the hands of readers. Go for the gold. Go for the Rita.

If you live as if you are a successful author, writing and selling the books of your heart, even if it’s not quite yet reality, it WILL happen. It has to. You already wrote your Rita speech. In my Rita speech I thanked my agent. At the time I didn’t have one. Now I do.

I thanked the Washington Romance Writers, the best, most supportive chapter in the country. This June I will become Secretary on the board of the chapter to help steer the chapter to continue its amazing mission.

I challenge you, in whatever career or goal you set for youself, assume success and it will surely come. Good luck! (Though you won’t need it. You already have your winning speech ready)

2 thoughts on “Write your RITA speech now!

  1. Lynne,

    You’re exactly right and I’m definitely a supporter of positive thinking. 🙂


  2. admin says:

    Yep! The means are the ends!

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