REvolution obsession

I’m obssesed with a new show. Well, actually I’m not that obsessed with the show, but the premise behind it has my brain spinning, and I’ll admit it, slightly panicking.

For those who don’t know, Revolution is about the day earth loses power. Nothing works, no cars, no phones, absolutely nothing. Then it flash forwards to 15 years in the future. A future that still has no power.  I can’t stop thinking about this show because our society is SO reliant on power I honestly don’t know how we’d survive. Truth be told, I don’t think my family would.

Obviously some people survive and create communities, but I keep thinking about the obstacles.  For the next few blog posts, I want to cover a future without Power. Because I’m so FREAKED by this idea. What’s so interesting is power is a relatively new commodity in the human experience. العب وربح While people had discovered and even harnessed electricity a few hundred years ago, the average person didn’t have electricity in their lives until 1900s. That’s pretty recent. And now we are so reliant on it, we wouldn’t survive more than a few days without it. Have we dug ourselves into a hole?

I’m so curious about the following areas without power:

1. Food/Water

2. Shelter

3. Medical/Dental

4. Transportation

5. Social/the Arts (No romance novels! ملاعب اليورو 2023 ack)

6. Government/Militia

There are also some things the show doesn’t discuss like solar power or wind power. Why can’t they turn the power back on, even using alternate sources?What about the telegraph and other machines our forefathers used? Are those out of commission too? I’d love some company as I ponder life without power. بطوله امم اوروبا 2023

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