Five Days of Geekery: Day 3

Welcome to one of my high school friends. Mia was often spotted in the school computer lab during free periods. بطولة اليورو 2024 I never understood why since I didn’t know a floppy disc from a mouse at the time. I’ve since seen the error of my ways.

1. Can you give a few sentences about your background- your job, your degrees, a brief history of how you ended up in the industry?

 I am currently working for a government contractor, helping to design software that saves soldier’s lives.   Funnily, my degree is in Cognitive Science, but I started to work as a network administrator’s assistant during my grad school days.  The work was fun and challenging, changing my life’s direction. ربح المال مجانا

2.     Were you interested in science/technology as a child?

Absolutely.  My father bought an Apple II Plus (which dates me horribly) and I would get on, slip in the language disks and start playing my games.  Later, as a teen, I would play on Bulletin Boards using my modem.  You couldn’t possibly imagine speeds like that nowadays.

3.     What’s it like being female in the tech/science industry? Any good stories?

For many years, I was the only one wherever I was working.  From the call centers at US Robotics to the Chicago Board of Trade, it was rare that I would run into another woman doing what I did. لعب طاوله على النت   I don’t think I felt it as much as I could’ve simply because I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy.  All my best friends were always men, and it didn’t feel weird to be surrounded by them.

Good stories?  About me…I’m not sure.  But I do love the time an older lady called into the US Robotics tech support complaining that her fax modem wasn’t receiving faxes.  I was tech lead at the time. The poor tech was frazzled and upset because she didn’t seem to know anything he was asking her to do.  We finally conferenced briefly and decided to just get her to restart her computer.  Her response? “What computer?”

4.     Favorite famous nerd (fictional or otherwise)

Favorite famous nerd…gah…Probably Willow from Buffy.:)  For a long time she was really the only girl nerd on TV that wasn’t an annoying Trope.

 5.     Star Trek or Star Wars?

I have to choose?

Where’s the Firefly question? Browncoats unite!

6.     Do you read/like romance novels?

Absolutely.  They’re my guilty pleasure. 

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