Dirty talk by Rowan

“You like it?” He asked. “You liked having my dick in your mouth?”

She blushed at his frank question, but found the bravery to lick her lips and nod. “Yes. I loved it.”

“Good. I fucking loved it. I want you in my mouth soon. When you’re ready,” he amended. “Can’t wait to taste you. I bet it’s the sweetest juice in the world.”

She tried to speak but couldn’t. She’d never imagined Rowan like this. His body, his words were darkly sexual, testing her limits in ways that aroused her unbearably even as she flushed with embarrassment.

“Are you wet now, Jill?” His question was like velvet rolled across her naked skin.

She closed her eyes and nodded.

“Can I feel?” His voice was quiet and gentle now. “Just one touch, I promise, and then I’ll back off. I swear.”

Her answer was to lower her hands to her jeans and unfasten them. The satisfaction on Rowan’s face was worth every tiny nibble of anxiety. Slowly and so gently, it felt like butterfly wings on her abdomen, he lowered his hand between her legs and ghosted a finger under the elastic band of her panties. She knew what he’d find there.

“Wet,” he whispered, sounding awed and excited at the same time. Before she had time to react, he removed his finger from between her legs and touched it to his tongue. “Delicious.”

She stared at him, frozen on the bed, legs splayed apart. His touch had felt too glorious. She nearly begged for more, but something kept her mouth closed. Instinct? Self-preservation? Her body was screaming yes, and a good chunk of her brain was also.

“You’re not ready yet,” Rowan decided. “Someday soon, your pants will come off, your legs will spread, and my mouth will be there, licking up all your honey.”

She released a noise that was almost a squeak at Rowan’s dirty mouth that had her arousal building to a fever pitch. His smile warmed her further.

“You like that,” he said, looking down at her. “You like when I tell you all the dirty bad things I want to do to your body?”

She managed a nod.

“Good. I’m going to erase every bad memory you have of your marriage and replace it with the best sex you’ve ever imagined.”

She couldn’t imagine it, but she believed him. She believed him, and she couldn’t wait for the promised great sex.


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