Gender Reveal parties

I’m hearing about this new trend in the baby world: the gender reveal party. What happens is the doctor or sonogram tech writes the gender in a sealed envelope which is then delivered to a baker. The baker then bakes either a pink or blue cake with neutral frosting. Then a reveal party is hosted and the cake is cut to announce the gender to all, including the pregnant woman.

So….what do you think? Have you heard of this? Hosted one for yourself? think this is gag worthy?

I’m not a huge fan for a couple of reasons- mostly personal…

I didn’t find out the gender of either of my kids. For one, in Judaism, bringing anything into a house for a baby before it’s born is considered bad luck. We had everything on order a the baby store, but nothing in the house. I also like the surprise of it. There are so few things in life that are surprises, why not hold on to the one huge one?

Two. There’s room for some major errors. There could be a sonogram error. True story- my niece was supposed to be my nephew. The mistake wasn’t discovered until her delivery. Surprise! It’s a girl. Good thing my sister-in-law is like me and also superstitious or they would’ve had a room full of blue. The baker could also screw up. Anyone follow Funniest site ever, but also a good indication that bakers are not infallible. What if they bake the wrong color cake? Or give you the wrong cake?

I also see this gender reveal party as a trend in parenting to make a celebration of every little thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love an excuse to party. But for parents, it gets exhausting to celebrate 100 days of School, Valentines, Elf on the Shelf, Joey’s student of the week, and so many more I don’t even know about yet.

What do you think? Am I being an old curmudgeon? Should we embrace that life is short and we should celebrate the good stuff? Talk to me about wackiest made-up holiday you’ve heard of?

2 thoughts on “Gender Reveal parties

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