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I’m so thrilled to have one of my co-authors of the Brought to His Knees anthology here today. Tina Donahue has another release called Carnal Takeover! (Love the title)

During the day, she’s in charge—at night, he’ll take command of her body, their desires…

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Dominance and discipline. Alexandra hungers for both from Daniel, the lead engineer on her Alaskan energy project. She imagines him punishing then mounting her while his team watches. Full-figured, Alexandra hasn’t had much luck with guys, especially ones so potently male. To change that, she invites Daniel to teach her submission to his most carnal needs. She also invites his men.

For too long, Daniel’s craved Alexandra’s lush figure and smarts. However, she’s his boss, it’s not wise to mix business with pleasure, and no damn way does he intend to share her. After one lusty night of her submitting to him and his men, Daniel claims Alexandra as his sub. On his terms. No regrets. No strings.

Yeah, right.

Tell that to their hearts.


Nat closed the door. The wind pulled it shut with a loud bang. She jerked. Daniel didn’t seem to notice the noise. He moved into her.

Stunned, Alexandra couldn’t budge. He was closer than he’d ever been. She caught his scent, a woodsy, masculine fragrance, clean and inviting. It mingled with the crisp aroma of snow on his parka and the fabric softener he’d used on his brown-and-cream flannel shirt. Several strands of his wind-tousled hair caressed his forehead and bristly cheeks. God love him, he hadn’t shaved.

She ached to run her fingers over his upper lip and chin.

Daniel didn’t give her the chance. With surprising ease, he slung his arm over her shoulder and drew her into him, their bodies touching. A jolt of desire hit Alexandra so hard she had to bite back a moan. His heat was incredible, chasing away the chill of his coat and the air she’d let inside. Nearly a head taller than her, he seemed enormous, virile, dangerous, and seductive.

Her heart beat out of time. They were near enough to kiss. His mouth rich and full, the stuff of her most salacious fantasies.

“You still want to do this?” he asked, low enough so the others wouldn’t hear.

Surprised by his question, she nodded. To have him leave now would be unthinkable.

“You feel safe?” he added.

His casual embrace ensured it, as though they were dating, comfortable with each other. “Yes, of course.”

Even though he didn’t have feelings for her, other than what appeared to be lust, he was a good man. He wouldn’t deliberately hurt her. Why was he asking?

He didn’t seem convinced of her answer. “You need to be certain,” he said. “This ends now unless you explicitly trust what’s going to happen.”

Alexandra started to perspire. “I do…what did you have in mind?”

Daniel studied her for a long moment, his expression unreadable, though there was a hint of indecency in his eyes. Heat prickled Alexandra’s cheeks and forehead, nourished by excitement not fear. Whatever he’d planned, she was definitely all for it. Downright eager.

“Everything,” he answered, parroting what she’d said yesterday. “I’m in charge. Not you. Not any of the other guys. Me, alone. If you can’t accept that, then this is over right—”

She interrupted, “I accept it.” He’d honored his part of their bargain by showing up and taking over in the best possible way. Now, Alexandra would honor hers. “You’re the boss.”

Delight danced in his eyes. “Yes, I am.”

He cupped the back of her head and pulled her into him, their thighs and bellies snuggled together. Alexandra inhaled sharply. Before she could release her breath on a wanting sigh, he slanted his mouth over hers and slipped his tongue between her lips.

God. She sagged against him, shocking need tearing through her, rendering Alexandra helpless and weak. If not for Daniel’s solid body, she would have dropped to the floor.

Tightening his hold, he deepened their kiss, his mouth greedy and demanding, hers loose and impassioned beneath his. She nestled closer. He ground his hips into hers, his opened parka allowing her to feel his erection, rock solid, long as freaking hell. Alexandra dug her fingers into his coat, wanting it off and them naked, him inside her.

Despite her wayward lust, Daniel didn’t stop and strip. He enjoyed her leisurely, fully, his tongue dancing with hers, then sweeping over her teeth. He tasted of minty toothpaste and a flavor that was unique to him which spoke of good health, a male at the height of his power. Alexandra finally moaned, unable to help herself. Daniel offered a faint growl in return, then broke their kiss and rested his forehead against hers.

As a lover and friend might do.

His behavior was so unexpected and enchanting, she lost all reserve and breathed, “I like you being in charge.”

He made a noise that sounded of contentment and amusement, then traced her jawline with his finger. “We’ll see.”

Want more? (I do!)

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  1. Tina Donahue says:

    Thanks so much for hosting me today! 🙂

  2. Tina Donahue says:

    Thanks so much for hosting me, Lynne!

    Wow – what a week – two releases – CARNAL TAKEOVER and our boxed set – BROUGHT TO HIS KNEES – woot!

  3. Faye says:

    Cristian from Italy, September 9, 2012 at 12:34 PM L’accoglienza al Residence Alexandra e8 stata da subito sontesfacidde, il personale e8 molto disponibile, la pulizia della camera ottima. E’ situato in una bella posizione.

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