Title Trivia

The original title was, Public Lies, but several people thought that didn’t convey the book’s sexy nature, so it changed to America’s Most Wanted. I got my agent with this title, but when she went to sell it, one editor was looking for a Christmas story. ivomec sheep drench

Could this Jewish author write a Christmas story? Well, I could come up with a great title which was, The Most Scandalous Time of the Year. remedio ivermectina 6 mg

And then we sold in it’s original iteration (No holly or mistletoe) to Forever Yours who renamed it, “Deep Cover. dosis de ivermectina 6 mg en niños ” A few months later, we changed it to what you see now, which is, In Bed with the Bodyguard.  And boy, don’t you want to snuggle up with that cover cutie?