Coded for Love

The Program: an organization of elite soldiers with superior strength, agility, and intellect. These men put their lives on the line to execute the government’s most dangerous missions.

 Meet The Team

HeatedMatch_FINALADAM BLACKER: She immediately hung a right down another hall toward the din, then turned into the doorway and paused to scan the room for Chase. A festival of men greeted her. Around a dozen sweaty, hard bodies stood at different machines and free weight stations. One hard body caught her attention like a magnet. READ ON

false match_HiResCHASE STANTON: Her own body felt unremarkable, too plump next to his sculpted beauty. But the look in Chase’s eyes told her didn’t see her that way. His harsh breathing said he liked everything about the way she felt in his arms.
With an easy move, Chase tugged her up and on top of him, while he fell backward onto the bed. She stretched out on him, instantly undulating her hips against the hard flat planes of his pelvis. He was becoming as aroused as she was. Heck, she’d been on a hair trigger since he’d emerged from the shower, dripping in the too-small towel. READ ON

XANDER BRISTACK: Idly, she noticed his buzz cut was longer than she’d seen it. Normally he kept it at army recruit length. Today it was practically hippie length at two inches long. He looked good to her no matter his haircut.
“I didn’t finish my degree, remember, Xander?”
“I forgot how young you are.”
“I’m twenty-four. I took a year off between school and uni.”
“And I’m thirty. Like I said, you’re a baby.”
“Is that what has you keeping your distance? Afraid you’re robbing the cradle?” Her bare knee brushed against one of the many cardboard crates she sat among.
“Among other things.”
“Such as?”
He didn’t answer, but she hadn’t really expected one. Xander was a man of few words and even fewer explanations. “Why are you here, Xander? Did you want another kiss?” Maybe she was actually getting to him. She hadn’t imagined his flinch at the word kiss.
“I wanted to see you, that’s all.”
“Because we’re a match, and it’s getting harder for you to deny it. Isn’t it?”
“Something’s getting harder,” he muttered. READ ON

 ROWAN BLACKER: After a flurry of flying cotton and denim, Rowan soon lay back totally naked against his pillows. She kneeled next to him, eyeing him, ‘cause whoa momma, he was smoking hot. Long legs dotted with black hair, led to narrow hips. Even his erect penis was gorgeous. Not that she had a lot to compare it to, but it pleased her eye. And his torso was pure delicious yumminess, with tight abdominal muscles and inches of taut golden skin that she wanted to rub her palms over.
She started there, placing a fingertip on his collarbone, tracing it across and running a hand down his arm.
“Hmm?” Couldn’t he see she was busy?
“Need a kiss here.” READ ON


RYAN LOPEZ: “I’ve seen you and the guys train, Ryan. You can take down an enemy in seconds and have him restrained with nothing more than the lint in your pocket. I would have thought you’d be more creative when it came to restraining your helpless little wife.”
Holy shit, was she implying… “You wanted me to dominate you?”
Her mouth curled into the wickedest smile he’d ever seen. “I’d watch you train and race home the second it ended, hoping to catch you before you showered. I hoped your adrenaline was still revved.”
He needed to sit. READ ON

COMMANDER PETER SHEPARD: Allison wrapped her body around Peter’s strong torso, and planted a couple of kisses on his neck and cheek. He smelled good, as in the best man she’d ever smelled. Considering they’d been hanging outside in the summer sun at a music festival in a field, his good scent was saying something. She was sure she smelled pretty rank. Peter didn’t seem to mind though.
His hands were tentatively holding held her back and caresseding down her spine. She couldn’t believe when he’d told her he was a virgin. She didn’t know a single guy over the age of sixteen who’d admit to being a virgin.
He was so cute, and it was hard to tell under his modest clothes, but it felt like as if he had a whole lot of muscles going on under the cotton collared shirt. “Kiss me,” she ordered and waited for what seemed like an eternity for him to angle his face to hers and move forward enough for their lips to meet. READ ON