Things I learned about dating from

My husband’s best friend came to stay with us last week. He is single, good looking and smart. He is actively looking for love and wants to be a dad. So when he was scrolling through his Match.Com profile, I couldn’t resist butting in. After all I am a professional… Read more“Things I learned about dating from”

Get it Together Tuesday: Stealing Beauty

Have you seen Stealing Beauty? The movie with Liv Tyler spending the summer at an Italian artist villa. I watched it today while I was supposed to be writing. So as to lessen my guilt, I’ll blog about the movie. There is so much fodder for a romance writer or reader… Read more“Get it Together Tuesday: Stealing Beauty”

Get it together Tuesday: For better or for worse

Did anyone see that newspaper article last week? This one? If you didn’t I’ll summarize real quick. It’s about a husband who has a heart attack and loses oxygen to his brain long enough to suffer permamnent damage to both his intellect and personality. Basically, he reverts back to a… Read more“Get it together Tuesday: For better or for worse”