Get it Together Tuesday: Beach vs City

It’s that time of year where people travel, either to families for the holidays or to exotic beach vacations. Despite growing up in Miami, I am not much of a beach girl. Sure I like the down time lying on the beach reading a book, but I get bored after… Read more“Get it Together Tuesday: Beach vs City”

Get it Together Tuesday: Always in the Mood

I have a sinus infection today. Well, really I’ve had one for at least week. So between the headache, achiness, not to mention the sore muscles from raking a bazillion leaves in my yard, I’m kinda a grouch. Okay, a bitch, I can say it. So when my husband got… Read more“Get it Together Tuesday: Always in the Mood”

Money changes everything, or does it?

I know a couple that may come into a big windfall soon. I’m talking big, like retirement big. And I’m wondering how it affects them as a couple. Will it bring thm closer or will it add problems to their long marriage? Wealth plays a big role in romance novels…. Read more“Money changes everything, or does it?”

Get it Together Tuesday: Illicit Love

Is love sexier and hotter when it’s illicit? There must be something to it, else you wouldn’t read about extramarital affairs all the time. Romance writers certainly think there’s something to illicit love. Just think about examples of all the tropes we use: In historical we’ve got the Rake & the… Read more“Get it Together Tuesday: Illicit Love”