Adam & Loren love scene (From Desperate Match)

This scene did not make the cut into Desperate Match.



“I’ll do that.” Loren brushed Adam’s hand off the ice pack and held it in place against his chin herself. “Better?”

“It’s always better when you’re touching me, baby,” Adam said,

She rolled her eyes at his corniness then snuggled in closer. “Other than getting sucker-punched, how’d it go tonight?”

“Okay. Bet you didn’t know there’s a real town called Farmville.”

She grinned. “What was it like?”

“Exactly like you’d expect. Main street. Supermarket, Walmart, a few churches. Not a lot of city-run facilities for a woman needing government services.”


“No, and Jill’s house was way outside the city limits. Isolated.”

“Not good,” she said, wondering and worrying about the thousands of other unknown women in the country who needed help but couldn’t get it. Every day she woke up with Adam in bed next to her, felt like a lucky day, but tonight she was extra grateful for her handsome match whom she trusted to never ever physically hurt her.

“No, not good,” Adam agreed.

“Did you get to talk to Rowan?” She knew he was worried about his brother and the woman who was supposed to be his match.

“A little. Told him I wanted him to have what we have. He heard me, but…”

“But what?”

“Still seemed set to do this for a stranger. I know they’re not sleeping together. He said so, but he’s acting like she’s his match.”

“Maybe she is.” But she was worried about Rowan also. Her future brother-in-law put on a good show of being Mr. Laidback and Cool, but the few times he’d lowered his shields, he’d revealed a neediness to be loved. A desire to be useful. Those traits might also put him in a vulnerable position to be used. She didn’t think Jill was the type to take advantage. Having spent the evening with Jill, she liked the woman, but she hoped Rowan wouldn’t be emotionally drained by trying to support a woman with as many needs as Jill.

“She might be his match,” Adam said, “but she’s not ready for it yet.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.” He pulled the icepack out of her hands and tossed it into the nearby sink. Then he tugged her onto his lap so she straddled him. “I’m talking about sex.”

“Are you?” She rolled her hips suggestively. The serious conversation about Adam’s brother wasn’t over yet, but the moment she was this close to Adam, her match, her hormones took over, and she knew it was a matter of minutes before they were naked and horizontal. Or vertical, depending on the mood.

“Loren,” he warned, but his hands were already curving around her bottom to tug her closer to his lap. “I’m serious. I’m worried about my brother.”

She froze and looked down at her man. “I know you are, and I am too, but I like Jill. Maybe she’s the one for him?”


She stopped his protest with a kiss then pulled back. “Stop playing the overprotective big brother for once. Rowan is a grown-up and he can’t live his life with you fighting his battles for him.”

“I didn’t fight his battles tonight,” Adam grumbled, “And look what it got me? Punched in the chin by a Reg.”

She placed a gentle kiss on the darkening bruise. “My poor baby. I’ll kiss it all better, but first I’m going to torture you a bit.”

Interest sparked in his gaze. “We haven’t done that in a while.”

“No. Can you handle it?” The erection growing under her thighs, told her how much he wanted to handle it.

“Bring it on, baby.”

She rose and stood over him. “Lift your arms.”

Obediently, Adam raised both muscular arms, and she leaned forward to tug his long-sleeve t-shirt up over his head, past his biceps, then carefully lowered his arms behind his back to use the shirt as a restraint around his wrists. “Sit back.”

He followed orders, and a shiver ran through her. Ninety nine percent of their lives, Adam was the dominant one, always in charge, always in control. On very rare occasions, he ceded control to her, letting himself be dominated and ordered about. Taking the reins of the sexual play gave her a thrill she’d never imagined.

Kneeling between his thighs, she leaned forward to kiss and lick his nipples. When one of his arms jerked as if trying to touch her, she bit him. Hard. “Don’t move.”

“I won’t,” he promised.

“No matter what I do, I’m in charge of your pleasure. You got it?”

He nodded and looked at her with reverence on his face.

“I’m feeling selfish tonight. I may or may not let you come.” She stroked a hand over his jean’s-covered erection. “If you please me, maybe I’ll let you come.”

Of all the games they played, she knew this was Adam’s favorite. She’d bring him to the brink of orgasm repeatedly, but pull back until the pleasure bordered on pain. How the session ended was always different, always a surprise.

“Stay there,” she said and left the living room to head for their bedroom to get the latest toy she’d bought. She returned with it a moment later and stepped to Adam to unbutton his jeans and tug them down. “Lift.”

He complied, raising his ass, so she could slide denim and cotton boxers down his thighs to his knees. The fabric didn’t have much give, and his thighs were spread less far than was comfortable for him. His cock stuck straight up from between his muscular thighs.

“Oh, fuck,” Adam muttered a few more curses as Loren slid a tight cock ring over his shaft. “You’re going to kill me.”

“Never. I have my uses for you.”


There was a pleasurable pulse deep in his groin as the love of his life leaned over him, tits swinging in his face, to wind her fingertips through his hair. Since he’d met her, he’d reduced the frequency of his haircuts, allowing his unruly black curls to grow a little longer. The bite and tug of her fingers running through his hair more than made up for not looking like the clean-cut soldier he was.

She started in on his scalp, rubbing and massaging, and he closed his eyes getting ready for the torture he knew was about to rain down. The massage suddenly stopped and his eye lids flew open as he felt Loren’s body move away.

She stepped a foot back, and he tried not to drool as she slowly, torturously removed her soft wool sweater. The shirt came next, and fuck, it was a button down. She teased it out, sliding every button through its tiny hole as if they had all the time in the world. One of his hands jerked, instinctively reaching to grab and touch her plump breast. But his own shirt held him back, and he had to watch helplessly as her sheer bra was revealed. He loved that about her. Her clothes were very conservative, hiding her smoking body. But her lingerie. Holy shit, her lingerie…From places like Agent Provocateur and La Perla. Worth every fucking penny. She looked like a high-end call-girl, and since it was for his eyes only, it was the hottest thing ever.

Today’s confection was sheer in some shade of pink that probably had a name like rose or cranberry. He didn’t care about the semantics. He cared that he could see her skin through the sheer fabric and that it pushed her breasts up and out, plumping up her skin. Slowly, so slowly, she reached behind her to unclasp the bra and let her breasts spill free. His eyes closed as his cock jumped only to be slapped back by the tight ring around its base. If he could’ve, he would’ve come, but the ring prevented it.

“Lick,” she murmured, and a plump nipple teased his lower lip. He opened his mouth to suck on it and lave her areola. He didn’t need his eyes open to envision the darkened pink against Loren’s pale skin. He’d spent hours, days really, memorizing every inch of her gorgeous body. Pay-off was now, as he sat restrained from touching her with his hands, and she stood over him wearing only her jeans.

He licked one breast until she shifted to give him her other, and then she stepped back. He would’ve whimpered at the loss, but he knew what was coming next. The big reveal. What panties went with her sexy bra? He couldn’t wait to discover.

Without blinking, he watched as she stood back giving him the full male fantasy strip-tease, slowly tugging the metal button through the hole and lowering the denim, all the while shifting her hips subtly. His hips mimicked hers, only his shifted forward and back in a pale imitation of how he wanted to take her.

“You want this?” Loren asked, her voice getting husky. She posed in front of him, totally naked other than sheer pink panties that revealed more than they covered.

He nodded. She slid her finger into the front of the panties, teasing him, killing him. She drew out her finger and held it out to him. He nipped at it, but she didn’t let him do more than have a quick taste.

The ache in his balls intensified. He didn’t think he could last much longer playing her game, but he had to, she had him at her mercy. And then he was truly screwed, because she knelt between his thighs and put her hot wet mouth on his cock.

“Shit,” he groaned and his breath caught as her fingernails scraped the underside of his testicles. “You’re killing me.”

“What a way to go, right?” she teased.

“The best,” he managed to get out the words. Her licks on his shaft intensified until he was rocking against the couch trying not to fuck her mouth hard. Every so often she’d place it deep in her throat and give a good suck, enough to keep him on the edge of orgasm, but then she’d pull back and go back to little butterfly licks. He was dying. Truly, and then she pulled completely back, and he nearly cried.

“My turn,” she said with an evil smile and reached forward to flick a miniscule switch on the cock ring that started the thing vibrating. Tremors ran deep into his balls, and he knew he was done for. What sadist made a vibrating cock-ring? He didn’t know whether to hunt the inventor down and murder her or hand her an award. And it had to be a her. No dude would do this to a member of his own team.

Loren straddled him and clung to his shoulders as she tugged off the panties and started to ride his vibrating cock as if he were her own personal dildo.

His erection was too damn close to her pussy, and yet he wasn’t inside her. Instead her wet lips rode his hard shaft, butting her clit up against the vibrating knob. He let her have her fun for a while until he knew she was close. Her tightly closed eyes and little pants gave her away. And then he’d had enough of her game. He was ten-times physically stronger than she was, and it was time to remind her who was in charge.

“I’m done.” He tugged his hands from their cotton restraints, wrapped his arms around Loren and lifted her, switching their positions. He pushed her back on the couch and loomed over her. One hand held her wrists bound above her head and his other, tugged the tight cock ring off, tossing it to the side.

“You’re gonna tease me?” he asked in a mock-threatening voice as he pushed his hips against hers, letting her feel every inch of his aching erection. “Who’s bigger, baby?”

“You are.”

“Who’s stronger?” He let his cock sink an inch into her welcoming sheath.

“You are.” She gasped.

“Who’s fucking you?”

She didn’t answer. Couldn’t. He abandoned any pretense at civility and pounded his hips into hers, without concern for rhythm or finesse. Her heels dug into his lower back pulling him closer. The torment she’d inflicted on him had brought him near to orgasm, and he wasn’t going to last long. The still vibrating cock ring caught his attention, and he reached an arm out for it, all the while thrusting into her warm pussy. He placed the vibrating bead between their bodies, against her clit.

She screamed, and the noise reverberated into his cock. He lost it, and started coming. Her inside muscles tightened in waves around him, milking his sperm. They came back down to earth together, clinging to each other. Sweat co-mingled creating a glue to stick their naked bodies together. He opened his eyes and glanced down when he felt ripples of movement under his body. “What?”

Loren was laughing. “You suck.”

He smiled down at her. He would never get tired of looking at her face. She was beautiful now and would be even more gorgeous in the years to come when their life together added wrinkles and signs of aging. “What do you mean, ‘I suck’?”

“You didn’t let me finish. You had to go all alpha on me.”

With great effort, he rose, pulling her with him. He carried her toward the bathroom, intending to shower and take her one more time under the hot water. “You were torturing me. Where the hell did you get that thing anyway?”

She laughed and stroked a gentle hand down his cheek. “I got it at the local drugstore. In the condom aisle.”

He paused and frowned down at her. “No shit?”

“I swear. You can’t believe the goodies they sell. Heated lube, flavored condoms. It’s like a sex shop right next to the shampoo and sunscreen aisle.”

He’d had no idea and made a mental note to stop by CVS on his next outing off campus. Turnabout was fair play and he owed Loren for the torture she’d inflicted.

“Stop plotting,” she said.

They’d arrived at the bathroom, and he set her on the sink counter while he got busy with the water taps. “What are you talking about?”

“I know you, Adam. You’re already plotting my sexual torture six ways to Sunday.”

He hid a smile and pulled her into the shower with him. He loved that she knew him so well, loved that he didn’t have to hide who he was with her. He was the consummate planner and deviser of plans, and she seemed to like that about him. Good thing, cause he couldn’t change it. The hot water beat down between them, rinsing away the evidence of their recent lovemaking. “Our wedding night is going to be interesting, Ms. Stanton –soon to be Mrs. Blacker.”

“Can’t wait,” she said, leaning up to kiss him. “Think we’ll be able to have the wedding at the hotel since the media is going with the congressional hearings on us?”

She looked a little worried, and he couldn’t stand it. “Hotel, or the campus gym, or this shower…no matter where we exchange vows, it’s going to be awesome.” The smile was back on her face, and he breathed easier.

“Yeah. The location doesn’t matter. As long I get to wear your ring.”

He took her left hand in his to nip at her third finger. He couldn’t wait to see a gold band on her finger either. He knew the chances of hosting a fancy wedding in a hotel were all but gone. If the media got wind that The Program was harboring a married woman, they were screwed. Rowan’s actions with Jill had FUBARed his wedding plans, but he’d let Loren have her dream another day. Then he’d gently break it to her that her dream wedding was going to be held on campus in the sweaty, slightly odoriferous gym.