Adam comes clean

“Is it true?” Loren burst into the small apartment she and Adam shared scanning the room for her match. She stood in her damp bathing suit on their carpeted floor. Once she’d heard the story, she hadn’t bothered changing and raced away from the pool area.

Adam swiveled in the desk chair turning away from the computer on which he worked. “Is what true?”

She slammed the door behind her. “Is it true Samara…touched you when you were at Paulson’s clinic?”

The color drained from his face. “Where did you hear that?”

“From Samara.”

“Why the fuck would she tell you that?”

“So it’s true?”


She pushed away his hand. “That’s why you never talk to her. That’s why you hate her.”

Suddenly she couldn’t move. Her pacing had hit a wall in the form of her six-foot fiancé.

“I don’t hate her,” he said. “We were both victims. Rationally I see that. Emotionally though? No, I can’t stand looking at her. Brings me back to being tied down and…scared in the clinic.”

Her palm circled his wide forearm soothingly. “Oh, honey.”

“Scared I’d never see you again,” he pushed out gruffly.

“Adam,” was all she could manage. She let her body do what her words couldn’t and wrapped her arms around his large body, trying to sooth him.  They’d never had an honest conversation about what had gone down for the lost days when he’d been held prisoner in Paulson’s clinic. Now she knew. “We’re going to have to figure this out,” she said softly.

He stepped out of her embrace. “Why? I can manage the rest of my life not talking to Samara Jones. Fifty bucks says she’s gone in the next month anyway.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be that easy,” she said. “I think Chase loves her.”

“What?” Adam practically spat the words. “He’s fucking her. He doesn’t love her. Shep’s doing everything he can to keep them separated.”

“What? No. Tell him to stop. I think it’s more than sex between them.” She sat down heavily on the sofa running along the sidewall opposite the computer desk. “Chase is my brother Adam. If he’s found love and happiness with Samara, I want him to have it.”

“What about my happiness?” He frowned. “I’m supposed to block the memory of her hands on me trying to take what wasn’t hers?”

She stared unhappily at Adam hoping a solution came to mind. “What if we don’t block the memory?” she asked. She didn’t know if her idea would work, but it was worth a try.

“What are you talking about?” Adam asked. He collapsed next to her on the couch and met her gaze.

“What if we replace the memory with something happier?”


“Well,” she said slowly, thinking carefully and quickly as she spoke. “Let’s recreate the scene, only this time, instead of Samara touching you, I’ll do it.”

“I’m listening.”

“Let’s head over to the infirmary. I think for once all the beds are free. He didn’t say anything as they both stood, but he followed her out of the apartment. They walked next to each other across the grass toward the main building which housed a few small rooms that served as a hospital bay. The summer evening warmed her chilled hands, and the moon lit the way.

Once inside, she locked the door securing their privacy. “Now,” she said, turning to Adam. “Let’s set the scene. Were you clothed or unclothed?”

“Naked.” A lock of his dark hair fell over one eye, but he didn’t bother to brush it away. Hiding from her.


She held her breath waiting to see if he’d comply. Slowly, he tugged his t-shirt over his head and tossed it on to the chair in the corner. As always, his bare chest did good things to her libido. She’d never tire of looking at his wide chest sparsely covered with dark hair. When he was down to his boxers, she pointed to the bed.

“I was totally naked.”

She had to strain to hear him. “Then all off.”

He shucked his remaining clothes and climbed onto the hospital bed and sat back looking at her.

“Were you restrained?” she asked, afraid of the answer.

“Hell yes. Loren, come on. Do you think they stood a chance unless I was sedated and tied up?”

“Good point.” She looked around the room for something she could use to tie up Adam. Huh, hanging off a hook near the side of the bed were restraints. She didn’t want to know what Doctor Wise used them for. The doctor’s fetishes were her own biz.

“They’re for keeping us still. A few of us don’t love getting treated for minor wounds. I don’t know if Doctor Wise has ever actually used them, but it’s her bargaining chip,” Adam said.

“Oh.” She walked to the four corners of the bed and tied down his wrists then his ankles. He docilely allowed her to shackle him. She imagined he was much less accommodating when Paulson’s lackeys had done it. Or he’d been unconscious. Likely the latter.

Finished with the first task, she eyed her patient helpless on the bed. His penis lay flaccid against his thigh. Again her libido jumped. This was all about helping Adam, but who wouldn’t get turned on at the sight of a six-foot muscular man naked and tied to the bed?

She stepped to the side of the bed and looked down remembering she was in a damp one-piece bathing suit. It had been girl’s night at the pool, so she hadn’t bothered with the skimpy bikini she wore to the pool with Adam a few days back. The silence in the room intensified as they both remembered how quickly they’d left the pool so he could tear off the bikini. His cock started to swell against his leg. Whirling around, she spotted a white lab coat hanging on a hook on the back of the door. She grabbed it and shrugged into it. This needed to be as close to a re-creation as possible, but resulting in much better memories.

Once again at the side of the bed, she reached down to grasp his penis in one hand, intent on giving him a better memory of a laboratory hand job than  his first experience.

“She wore gloves.” His words were barely audible over the air conditioning blowing from a vent on one wall.

Easily solved. A large box of medical gloves was on the long counter that ran the length of one wall of the room. Wall cabinets hung above and a sink took up the corner. A little digging around in the drawers rewarded her with some KY Jelly. With several Program men matched and more signing on, the clinic served all the medical needs for the residents.

Now that she had all the supplies, she could get back to her man who was waiting quietly on the bed. She pulled on the gloves, squirted a dollop of lube into her hand and took his penis in hand.

He hissed a curse.

“Sorry. Cold huh?”

“Samara apologized too.” He gritted out.

“Oh.” She couldn’t think of anything else to say. But then there was nothing else to say. Her gaze caught on his deep brown eyes and his cock swelled in her hand.  Slowly she slid her hand to the tip of the shaft then back to the base. Between the gloves and the lube, he slid easily in her palm, and she tightened her grip.

He groaned.

She eyed him to make sure it was the good kind of groan. He stared at her from slumberous lids. She stared back and sped up her hand strokes. His balls visibly tightened and his biceps pulled the restraints taut.

There was something she had in mind, but it was something she’d never done before. Something dirty she’d only read about, but it seemed like the time to try it.

“Adam,” she whispered. “They would’ve done it fast, right?”


“This. She wouldn’t have wanted to drag it out.”

Without waiting for his response, she moved her left hand, also swathed in a glove, through the lube glistening on his cock. Then she lowered it to insert a finger into his anus at the same time as tightening her grip. His body closed tightly around her finger and he gave a shout as come shot out of the head of his penis.

Mission accomplished. She chanced a glance at Adam, but his eyes were closed and his chest heaved as if he’d run a race. “Adam, are you all right?”

“Untie me.” His words sounded strained. Almost angry, and she hurried to unlatch him from the bed. The second he was free, he grabbed her and almost tossed her on the bed. She barely had time to struggle before her wrists then her ankles were shackled.

Adam loomed over her grinning down. “My turn.”