Xander and Emma Spar (and more)

This scene did not make the cut into Desperate Match. It took the focus off of Rowan and Jill.

“What were you saying about yoga pants?” Emma asked Xander with a smile. She turned in his arms to rub her rear against his front. He responded exactly as she’d hoped and known he would by wrapping his arms around her and burying his lips against her neck.

It had been five months and she still couldn’t get enough of her man. To be near him was to want to be naked and under him. Since he felt the same way about her, it all worked out.

“You know how I feel about your body in tight workout pants,” Xander said roughly taking a second to lick her collarbone. “What do you have on under here?” His hand found its way under her shirt to cup her breast.

“A bra.”

“Tell me about it,” he murmured, turning her in his arms to kiss her. For long lazy moments, their mouths connected. His tongue trailed a memorable pattern against hers while she clung to him rocking her hips against his.

She knew where this was going. It always ended up like this the minute they were alone in the gym with nothing but padded mats surrounding them. They’d made love for the first time in here. They’d had sex before, but in here was where they’d made their commitment to each other and exchanged the words of love.

“Why don’t I show you,” she said, lifting her arms so he could tug her shirt over her head.

“Nice,” he approved.

He should approve. It was one of her newer bras, and she’d spent a good chunk of his money on it. As a student, she didn’t have the budget for lingerie that Loren and Samara did, but on occasion she splurged and bought something decadent. This was one of those occasions.

“I thought bras were supposed to cover your nipples,” Xander said and leaned down to tug one into his mouth.

“It’s a quarter cup bra,” she managed to explain before her brain got spongy from arousal. “It supports and reveals.”

He came up for air. “Hope they gave you a discount, seeing how there’s a lot of missing lace.”

She laughed, and tangled her hands in his hair to pull him back down to her breasts. “Xander, you made another joke. I think March has been a record month for you.”

He didn’t laugh. “Don’t know about joke records, but I bet we can set another record.”

“What’s that?” She gasped as his deft fingers found the front of the matching thong to the bra.

“How many times can I make Emma come in twenty-four hours? That’s the record I’m going for.”

She started to respond, but suddenly found herself flat on her back on the mat with Xander looming over her. His erection covered by loose track pants poked at her thigh. With her heels, she pulled him down to her, but he was strong enough to resist, holding himself above her. She gave him a questioning look which he responded with a grin then collapsed down on her taking her mouth in a ravenous kiss.

She loved the way he kissed, consuming her mouth, drawing her tongue against his, and nipping at her lips. He pulled back for a second to order, “Lose your pants.” She hastened to comply, unfastening and wriggling her hips out of her pants.

“Keep the thong.”

She knew him and his sexual preferences well enough by now that that particular command had already been obeyed. Above her, Xander had freed his erection from his track pants. “Hold yourself open.” Their eyes met and she felt hers widen as the wide head of his cock breached her wet pussy.

It had taken little to no foreplay to get her ready for him. One look, one touch, one kiss, and she was his.

He made her his now, here on the gym mat where they’d made love so frequently in the last few months. It had been frequent, but every time was different, each time better, because their love grew and strengthened with every passing day.

“Emma,” he grunted as he embedded himself fully into her until the elastic waistband of his track pants rubbed against her ass. She released her hold on her thong, knowing his cock would keep it out of the way.

“Xander,” she said in return. “Take me.”

He thrust deeply and she closed her eyes and moaned. Her arousal coated them letting him slide within her with ease. Her heels dug into his back. Gym rules dictated bare feet on the mat, which made losing their clothes that much easier when in a hurry.

Xander wasn’t in a hurry now, though probably should be. They hadn’t locked the gym doors and anyone could walk in at any minute. She didn’t know how to feel about being on display. Again. They always seemed to be getting caught in states of undress around campus, which was funny given how private Xander usually was about everything. When it came to physically demonstrating his love for her, he had no hesitation about PDA. Still, there was PDA, and there was public indecency.

“Hurry, Xander,” she begged. “I don’t want to get caught.”

Instead of listening to her, he slowed his thrusts until he was embedded deep and not moving. At. All. A wicked grin appeared on his face. “No?” he asked.

She shook her head, moving her pelvis under his trying to get them their orgasms before they were interrupted.

“You don’t like it when I take you in public?”

“No,” she whispered, but she was afraid she was lying, and he knew it.

“Bullshit,” he said against her lips. “You love it when I touch you in full view. You like to be on display, driving me crazy in front of my friends, taunting them that I’m getting laid.”

She moaned at the effect his words had on her.

“If I asked, you’d let me fuck you in public. Take you on a cafeteria table in front of everyone. Wouldn’t you, Emma?”

Something in his tone made her freeze and look up at him. There was no laughter on his face or in his words. His question was dead serious. “Wouldn’t you?” he repeated.


“Yes, what?” he said.

“Yes, I’d let you fuck me in public. Anywhere, anytime,” she said, relieved when his cock jerked inside her. He started thrusting in earnest again, and she was near tears with relief.

“Because you’re mine, right Emma?”

“I’m yours,” she agreed, feeling her orgasm building.

“That pussy is mine. I touch it when I want, how I want.”

She trusted him enough to agree, knowing he’d never cause her a whisper of emotional or physical pain. “It’s yours, Xander. I’m yours, because I love you.” And then she couldn’t speak or keep her eyes open as an orgasm screamed its way through her. Xander’s hips pounded against her, driving her into the gym mat. The orgasm was drawn out until she thought she was going to pass out from the pleasure. At last, he gave a final hard thrust. “Love you, too, Em.”