The Anti-Bully Blog Hop: Silence is Complicity

Dear C, You were taller than us and you wore a bra you actually needed. You were new and we’d been at camp for years already. Excuses, excuses. The bullies wrecked you. And I let them. They called you names. They locked you out of the bunk. They peed on… Read more“The Anti-Bully Blog Hop: Silence is Complicity”

3 Romance writers get it on!

Welcome everyone! There’s an amazing new anthology out called Public Displays of Eroticism. Think of it like a chain letter. One author (Cassandra Carr) wrote the beginning and then Cristal Ryder & Jami Davenport jumped in with additional related stories. I’m downloading my copy as we speak. I was so… Read more“3 Romance writers get it on!”