Who Would you do: Comedians

I thought about doing a Batman¬†follow-up from last week’s Superman, but it’s not really fair to put Christian Bale up against, well, anybody. So for this week’s survey…Comedians! I like this category because I can add a bit of gender and racial diversity! This was tough to narrow down, especially… Read more“Who Would you do: Comedians”

Who Would You Do? British Actors

In honor of the final Harry Potter opening tomorrow/tonight (depending on your time zone), this week’s burning question of who would you do, is for British Actors. For those new to my blog, I play a game each week asking a highly scientific opinion poll about who you’d want in… Read more“Who Would You Do? British Actors”

Get it Together Tuesdays

Hot times, summer in the city… Oh summer. Kids are out of school, the days are long and the nights are hot. Being a Florida girl, I love it all. Except one thing: the extra stuff. The bathing suits, beach towels, goggles, sunscreen, hats, pool toys, and bug spray. Where… Read more“Get it Together Tuesdays”