Who Would You do? Hot for Teacher

My kids started school this week, so in honor of all the wonderful teachers in the world (including my mom), this week’s theme is educators.  Whose ruler cracks your knuckles? 1. Mr. Schuster from Glee 2. Ryan Gosling in 1/2 Nelson 3. Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher 4. Edward James… Read more“Who Would You do? Hot for Teacher”

Who Would you do: Comedians

I thought about doing a Batman follow-up from last week’s Superman, but it’s not really fair to put Christian Bale up against, well, anybody. So for this week’s survey…Comedians! I like this category because I can add a bit of gender and racial diversity! This was tough to narrow down, especially… Read more“Who Would you do: Comedians”

Who would you do: Superman

For this Friday’s Who would you do, we’re going with Superman. It’s summer and superheroes are hot. Who doesn’t like a man in spandex with underwear on the outside? So lay it on me, which actor who played Superman is your kryptonite? 1. George Reeves- The Original 2. Christopher Reeve-… Read more“Who would you do: Superman”